A80 / A150 / A300 / AV80
The A80 and A150 models are kneading machines for small volume productions in which good blending and good kneading are essential to obtain a high quality end product.

High quality fabrication totally made in stainless steel.

Machine adapted to international safety and hygienic rules.

Practically maintenance free.

They operate with a central arm fitted with two T-blades that rotates in both directions, enabling them to knead and mix any type of product.

The whole arm can be easily dismounted, ensuring convenient and perfect cleaning.

The bowl can be tipped to unload the product neatly and cleanly.

The A300 is suitable for medium volume productions, is kneading machine with a 300 litre capacity for kneading and blending all types of product. It operates with a removable central arm fitted with T blades that rotates in both directions. It unloads via a pneumatically operated trap door at the bottom of the bowl. Optionally, it can be fitted with a variable speed device.

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